Monday, December 23, 2013

Educational games for children four years

Educational ToysIn concordance with the website of Fisher Price , the four year olds are at a point where you should start making drawings with details, do role play with others and begin to be aware of the feelings of others. They can learn and memorize certain things like the alphabet, colors and numbers . The educational games at this age should focus on developing these skills.

A draw
Have the child draw a scene and ask them to describe what is happening in the picture. Ask about drawing things and manages to add detail to the image. For example, if the scene happens outside ask if it is sunny. If you say yes tell him to draw a sun. After reading to ask child create a drawing that has to do with history. Have the child draw a picture of your home and family. Give your child a coloring page and ask you to add color to the drawing. Make history with the pattern that created the child.

The role play
Encourage your kids to play a role-play with other children. You can pretend you are in a house, a shop or school. Children can take turns being the teacher, the seller or the father. This will help to develop imagination, the ability to play in turns allows them to act different personalities. Give children the tools and clothes to dress up. Make sure, if you are men who play, have enough clothes for them too. Encourage them to invent new names and new identities.

According to the website "Fun and Educational Toys "at age four children and develop their senses to understand the feelings of people. A good activity to encourage them is to look at a photo of other children and to describe the mood of each one. For more fun, have the kids make faces as an emotion and photos are removed while doing it. Then you and your children can create their own book of emotions filled with photos of the same.

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